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Consultations, parking, and drinks are free of charge!

Any services with a * MUST BE PATCH TESTED prior to any appointments.

Consultation forms will be sent online before your appointment to check for any medical conditions which may limit the treatments offered to you.

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Gel Polish

Gel polish is applied to natural nails and cured under a lamp. This gives a super shiny, chip resistant finish for 3+ weeks.

These require soaking off in acetone as picking can damage the natural nail underneath.

Prices include a soak off of my own polish.

I do not soak other techs work, or acrylics.

Basic Manicure - £10.00

Gel Polish - From £20.00

Builder Gel/Hard Gel Overlay - +£5.00

Luxury manicure - +£8.00

Gel fingers & toes - From £35

Lash lift

Lash lifts, also known as a lash curl or perm is where the natural lashes are lifted using perm solution to create longer looking, darker, more open lashes.

These last around 6-8 weeks.

Tint is a dye for lashes to make them look darker, thicker, and longer!

Lash tint* - £10.00

Lash lift* - £30.00 (including tint)

* Requires patch test at least 48 hours before appointment


We use hot wax as it is kinder on the skin.

Tint is a dye for eyebrows to make them look darker, thicker, and fuller!

Henna brows stain the skin underneath and can last twice as long as tint.

Lamination is perming of the brows at a 45 degree angle to give a fluffy appearancce.

Brow Wax - £8.00

Brow Tint* - £8.00

Definition Brows* - £15.00

Henna Brows* - £25.00

Brow Lamination* - £30.00

* Requires patch test at least 48 hours before appointment

Face Waxing

We use hot, sensitive wax as it is kinder on the skin, and reduces the chance of grazes.

Please be aware that certain creams (steroids, retinol, roaccutane, or Vitamin A) can cause reactions and grazing of the skin if used within 14 days of waxing, so waxing is not advised if you have been using any of these creams. 

Lip wax - £3.00

Chin wax - £5.00

Sides of face wax - £7.00

Face wax - £12.00 (Lip, chin, sides)

Full face wax - £20.00 (as above inc. eyebrows)

Treat Your Feet

Treat your feet to a little TLC!

Our luxury pedicure includes an aromatherapy soak in the foot spa, lime & ginger foot scrub, peppermint & blueberry mask with heated towels, pumice and hard skin removal, and a mandarin & mint yogurt moisturising foot and calf massage. Opt in for a gel polish finish to make those toes really sparkle!

Gel Toes - £20.00

Luxury Spa Pedicure - From £25.00

Holistic & massage

We use Songbird professional massage wax for our massages.

We have nut free and vegan friendly alternatives upon request.

Please arrive on time for your appointment, due to our online consultation forms there is no need to come early.

Eve Taylor Facial - From £20.00

Hopi ear candles - £25.00

Reflexology - £25.00

Indian Head massage - £25.00

Aromatherapy massage - From £25.00

Swedish Massage - From £25.00

Deep tissue massage - From £25.00

Hot Stones Massage - From £30.00