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Unfortunately, at this time we are only offering beauty/nails/lash/brow services.

Holistic therapies and massage are not currently available.

Consultation forms are done online, this will be sent to you prior to your appointment.

Please fill out the form honestly, we need your contact details by law, and brief medical history as we need to be able to act fast if there was an emergency. Your details are safe and will not be passed on to any third parties.

Na​il Services

Gel Polish Manicure OR Toes - £20 (60 minutes)

Bespoke Gel Polish (Free hand nail art) - £25.00 (90 minutes)

Gel Polish of your choice is applied to your natural nail after being filed, shaped, cuticles pushed back and the nail plate has been dehydrated. It is then cured under a UV/LED lamp to make it extremely hard wearing. With care taken and depending on your natural nail growth, these nails should last around 3 weeks on fingers, and longer on toe nails! They also need removing professionally to avoid damaging your nail plate. Available on 11+ years (parent/guardian must be present to sign to consent on under 16's).

Gel Fingers & Toes - £35 (90 minutes)

Bespoke Gel Fingers & Toes - £40 (2 hours)

Gel polish as above, including cuticle work, trimming, & filing of toe nails.

Gel Extensions - From £30 (90 minutes)

Bespoke Gel Extensions (Freehand nail art) - £35 (2 hours)

Add length to your nails with Magpie Full On Tips, or sculpted Gel extensions.

Includes gel polish finish.

Luxury Spa Pedicure - £25 (60 minutes)

Luxury Spa Pedicure with Gel Toes - £30 (75 minutes)

Enjoy a citrus soak in the foot spa, followed by a lime & ginger scrub, dead skin removal, a peppermint & blueberry foot mask with hot towels, relaxing mandarin & mint yogurt moisturising foot & calf massage, a nail tidy up, and an optional clear polish is included.

*NOT recommended if you have; any infectious foot diseases, inflammation or swelling on the foot, diabetes (at Clients risk).

Lashes, Brows & Waxing

Lash & Brow services:

Eyebrow Wax - £7

*Eyebrow Tint - £7

*Eyelash Tint - £10

*Definition Brows - £14 (Mapping, Tint, Wax, Pluck & Trim)

Henna brows - £14

*Eyelash Lift - £30 (Includes tint)

*Brow Lamination - £25

*Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Package - £50!*


Face Wax - £15 (Includes brows, top lip, chin, sides of face)

Lip Wax - £3

Chin Wax - £5

Sides of face wax - £7